About • Chambers Cocktail Company
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The Fig Thyme


There are people that work as bartenders and there are people that are bartenders. Matthew Saunders and his team fall in the latter category.

Matthew is a professional bartender with a love for cocktails and a passion for the bar industry.

After 9 years in the business creating bespoke cocktails, training bartenders and opening and running bars, he is bringing his team and their energy to Norwich.

Yes, Pecan


Craft Cocktails have gained increasing popularity over the past decade, being seen in bars in big cities across the US and also in London, Paris, Athens, etc.

Sometimes the best things are the hardest to find. We created Chambers Cocktail Company to provide a destination city bar in Norwich that will offer high quality, new and interesting cocktails all week through.

Our drinks are elevated by the flexibility that homemade ingredients allow. With skill, our bartenders can create innumerable bespoke options, offering a more personalised, ever-changing drinking experience.


… to a new kind of ‘Cocktail Bar’.

We hope that Chambers Cocktail Company will become well known as a high-end yet welcoming and busy Cocktail Bar in Norwich.

Our team are fully-trained, professional bartenders who are passionate about what they do.

Whether you’re popping in for a mid-week cocktail after work or want to celebrate something with a group of friends, we think you’ll appreciate our spirit.

Willy Tonka and the Chocolate Factory
Butter Half